Bedding sheets, furniture, elevators, lobby, surfaces, and high-contact zones of your hotel are a favorable place for infections, microscopic organisms, and different germs.  These germs can prompt contaminations, respiratory issues, sensitivities, intestinal issues, serious and even lethal ailments.

Our Zetrisil®  based laundry complete additive will protect your sheets, towels, and employee uniforms for 28-200 days. Yes, our product will protect your staff and guests from then pandemic and up to 140 other germs, bacteria, and viruses.

The My-Shield product line does not contain alcohol, which means that our product lasts for 4+ hours on the skin and up to 28+ days on surfaces by creating a layer of protection that not only kills on contact, but continues to kill these deadly viruses.

Once your guests or employees touch anything that you cleaned with alcohol, the touch removes the barrier or protection that you believe that you installed. Change your sanitizing practices today and order now.

Mention that you are part of the hospitality industry and you will qualify for GPO pricing.

How It Works

Zetrisil bonds to a surface, making a bio-static shield of charged nano-spikes that obliterate the external cell layers of infections, microorganisms, and different germs, creating a mechanical execute.

Zetrisil recipes use nano-antimicrobial and antiviral advances to battle diseases, including, intestinal sickness, Zika, Dengue fever, and West Nile infection, to give some examples.

Zetrisil-based plans are compelling as a bacteriostatic to moment complete 99.9999% wide range kill against microorganisms and infections, with the extra advantage of a persevering kill as long as 28 days for every application.

Spot Protection


Wipe & Spray

Prep for Market: One-Time Fee

Cost: Prices Range based upon Sq. Ft.

Product Discount: up to 50%

30-day Re-Visit:
Call (813) 377-3165 for a price quote


Corporate Events (Big-Events)

Wipe & Spray Service: One-Time Fee

Cost: Varies by Size of Facility

Discount: up to 50% off products, if bought at time of service

Products: One squirt of foam protects visitors for 4+ hours and your hotel will be protected for 28+ days

Virtual Tour: We can do a Virtual Tour to provide a price quote or call (813) 377-3165

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