Surface Cleaners & Disinfectants

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    Custom Start Kits Available

    Custom kits can be built for your home, business, and vehicles.

    Everything you need to keep your family, customers, and employees protected!


    Our Custom Care Kit (can include the following):
    • Foam or Wipe Dispensers for your Business
    • My-Shield Sanitizing Wipes 80  or 800 count (refills)
    • My-Shield Laundry Complete
    • My Shield Hand Sanitizer Foam & Refillable Bags for Dispensers
    • My Shield Surface Cleaner – 1, 5, 55 or 264.5 gallon options
    • Travel Wipes
    • Kid Packs
    • Or our Wipe & Spray Service for Homes or Businesses


    All our products are formulated with Zetrisil which is a proprietary nano-based silicone compound created by My-Shield that is used solely or in conjunction with either isopropyl alcohol or conventional quaternary ammonium compounds. Zetrisil® effectively protects and/or “shields” the area any My-shield® or Germfree24® product is applied to from bacterial contamination by way of a long-lasting, cationic-charged, anti-microbial nano-silicone coating.
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    My-Shield Sanitizing Hand Wipes 80ct Tube – 3 pack

    Product Details

    My-Shield® Sanitizing Hand Wipes are clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs on hands to keep you healthy in the most demanding environments.

    Up to 4+ hours of protection against harmful germs

    My-Shield® Sanitizing Hand Wipes are formulated with Zetrisil®, a unique nano antimicrobial technology that not only kills on contact but also has a persistent activity that helps prevent infections. The persistence of My-Shield® Sanitizing Hand Wipes have been shown to remain effective for up to 4 hours.

    Kills 99.99% of harmful germs

    My-Shield® Sanitizing Hand Wipes kill 99.99% of the harmful germs it comes in contact with by disrupting the outer cell membranes resulting in a physical kill. This physical kill ensures microorganisms don’t adapt or become resistant over time.

    Alcohol-free formula

    Most hand sanitizers contain high percentages of alcohol to poison germs, generally over 65%. This creates a highly flammable, poisonous mix that carries with it an opportunity for being ingested among other factors. Constant use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers also has the effect of drying out your skin, leading to irritation and cracking. My-Shield® Sanitizing Hand Wipes are water-based and contain no alcohol. They are also non-flammable and non-poisonous, making them more effective & safer hand sanitizing wipes for the whole family.

    Moisturizes your hands with Aloe Vera

    My-Shield® Sanitizing Hand Wipes contain added Aloe Vera to leave your hands feeling fresh and soft.

    Made in the USA!


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    My-Shield Surface Cleaner

    My-shield® Surface Cleaner is a Nano silicone formulation that eliminates bacteria, viruses, and germs on any surface (including fabrics) and is now certified safe for use in commercial & passenger aircraft because we are “Boeing certified”.


    This product is safe & easy to use, My-shield® Surface Cleaner kills most common germs on contact and offers extended protection up to 28+ days per single application.

    We use this product in our electrostatic sprayers and foggers to clean homes and businesses.
    Also Available in 5 gal, 55 gal and 264.5 gal sizes
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