My-Shield Laundry Complete

My-Shield Laundry Complete

Use as an additive to your everyday washing needs.

My-shield® Laundry Complete is a convenient ready to use formula, which sanitizes, deodorizing + softening all fabrics during the machine washing process — remains anti viral/antimicrobial for up to 60+ days after a single application.

This is a great product for:
  • Sports Uniforms
  • Scrubs & Masks
  • Sheets
    • homes
    • nursing facilities
    • hospitals
    • hotels
  • Work & School Clothes (where you are exposed and C-19 can be transferred)


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  1. I bought this product at first because I wanted my children’s clothes to be protected while at school. With COVID and other germs going around I knew that I had to do something different. The best part is that my son and daughter have football and soccer practice everyday after school. The workout clothing that they brought home use to make my stomach sick when I would go and gather their clothes on the weekend. Now, I don’t smell anything. It is truly crazy. Whether you use the product as a total replacement or you use it for your sheets and athletic clothing is up to you. I will continue using it until the pandemic is over for all of our clothes. Once the pandemic is over I plan on continuing to use it on sheets and smelly uniforms!

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