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Prepping the House for Market

Whether you are sanitizing for the holidays or getting your house ready for the market is a challenge in itself, but getting it sanitized and ready for visitors is an entirely different challenge.

Zetrisil Solutions can perform a wipe and spray service that will protect your home for 28+ days. We also can bring in the sanitizer foams that with one squirt will protect every guest for 4+ hours and the wipes will protect the surfaces for days.

The average wipe and spray service for a 2,500 sq. ft. home is approximately $70-$85. If you want additional products left behind, then we sell them to the home owner at a rate less than 50% of the national providers.

How It Works

Zetrisil bonds to a surface, making a bio-static shield of charged nano-spikes that obliterate the external cell layers of infections, microorganisms, and different germs, creating a mechanical execute.

Zetrisil recipes use nano-antimicrobial and antiviral advances to battle diseases, including, intestinal sickness, Zika, Dengue fever, and West Nile infection, to give some examples.

Zetrisil-based plans are compelling as a bacteriostatic to moment complete 99.9999% wide range kill against microorganisms and infections, with the extra advantage of a persevering kill as long as 28 days for every application.

Spot Protection

Prep for Market

Prep for Market: One-Time Fee

Cost: Prices Range based upon Sq. Ft.

Product Discount: 50%

30-day Re-Visit:
20% off the original Prep for Market Price
Call (813) 377-3165 for a price quote

Holiday Shield (Big-Events)

Prep for the Holidays (and Big Events):

Service: One-Time

Cost: Varies by Size of Facility

Discount: 50% off Products Left Behind

Products: One squirt of foam protects visitors for 4+ hours and your home will be protected for 28+ days

Virtual Tour: We can do a Virtual Tour to provide a price quote or call (813) 377-3165

ULTIMATE SHIELD - Monthly Service

Complete Protection of Your Home:

Service: Wipe & Spray service for your entire home and vehicles

Cost: Varies by Square Foot

Discount: One-Year agreements qualify for a 20% monthly discount and significant discount on products

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