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Buses, surfaces, floors, equipment, and high-contact regions of your school are a favorable place for infections, microbes, and different germs.

These germs can prompt contaminations, respiratory issues, hypersensitivities, intestinal issues, extreme and even lethal diseases.

Keeping your faculty, employees, and students is our utmost concern. Dr. Moriarity of the University of Alabama – Huntsville, recently conducted a study on the effectiveness of our products in comparison to the alcohol based products that many educational systems use.

She stated, “I didn’t really want to go back to work after over a year of retirement, but after learning how effective the products had been against bacteria and other viruses it sounded like a good way to help provide products to battle COVID-19,” Dr. Moriarity says. “Getting effective products tested and approved for use by EPA quickly could save lives, keep kids safer at school and get businesses functioning again.”

Follow the Science

Zetrisil® bonds to a surface, making a bio-static shield of charged nano-spikes that obliterate the external cell layers of infections, microorganisms, and different germs, creating a mechanical execute.

Zetrisil®-based plans are compelling as a bacteriostatic to moment complete 99.9999% wide range kill against microorganisms and infections, with the extra advantage of a persevering kill as long as 28 days for every application.

How does Zeta Potential improve the efficacy of Disinfectants & Sanitizers?

The majority of bacteria and viruses are negatively charged nano particles.

With a positively charged disinfectant and/or sanitizer they will be attracted to each other and agglomerate the negatively-charged bacteria or virus particles around the positively-charged disinfectant or sanitizer solution therefore improving the kill time and efficacy rate per volume of liquid, disinfectant or sanitizer.

Clean & Shield disinfecting portal, schools, corporate offices, shopping centers, sporting events and more

Meet the new Clean & Shield Portal Our complete disinfecting and infection control system is being used to safely re-open schools, corporate offices, shopping centers and more.

Spot Protection

Bus Protection

There are two options for Bus Protection:

We Clean Option:

Let us know the number of buses that you service and we will come out and spray all of the buses once per month with our electrostatic sprayer service.

You Clean Option:

We will provide you with the product, so your staff can properly clean the buses once per month rather than twice a day like you are probably doing with the alcohol based products that are tearing up your buses.

Our products are “Boeing” certified, which means that they are not harmful to your buses or metal equipment.

Full Shield

Install the Portal:

Call to obtain pricing and installation information.

Significant Group Purchasing savings for all school systems on all sanitizing products.


The Ultimate Shield will change the way that your school does business. We will change the way that you do business and protect the students & faculty.

We will implement the following:

  • Full Mist Body Spray
  • Zetrisil® based foam sanitizers with a mandatory spritz
  • Disinfectant Wipes will be provided to all classrooms (one wipe per day of all desks, knobs, and keyboards)
  • Monthly Bus Spray
  • Monthly Wipe Down and Spray Service by Local Specialist (15-minute dry time)
  • Testing with ATP reader before clean down in up to 20 key areas
  • Testing with ATP reader 24-hours after service

Our products are “Boeing” certified, which means that they are not harmful to your buses or metal equipment.

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